eRoll Cleaning tips


  • Do not disassemble the tank (e-liquid cartridge). Use a needle-tip bottle to refill it through the small hole on top of the tank – disassembling it will cause premature wear and it will leak.
  • Clean your tank every few refills. This is especially true if you’re not changing your atomizer as often as you should. Over time, gunk will accumulate, and it will become extremely difficult (and frustrating) to fill. Just give it a rinse under warm water, or let it soak for a while. After it’s completely dry, it will be as good as new!
  • The eRoll seems to prefer light-colored e-juice. If you’re using a dark e-juice and are having issues, try another flavor.
  • Don’t pull too hard. Take gentle puffs, you’ll get more vapor and it will prevent leaking.
  • You probably should buy quite a few extra tanks. Refilling them on the move is not pleasant, and if you’re like me you’ll go through quite a few of them every day.
  • E-juice becoming brown? Your atomizer probably is getting dirty. You can try to clean it, or be lazy and just get a new one.


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