ePuffer cartomizerePuffer cartomizer (top view)While reviewing the ePuffer Snaps, I also got the chance to try out six different cartridges flavors. It’s worth noting that ePuffer also sells blank cartridges – but there’s a great chance you’ll find a flavor you like in the ePuffer e-liquid collection!

ePuffer Premium

It’s not an entirely unpleasant flavor, but it’s definitely no tobacco! We were divided with that one – while I didn’t mind it, my wife found it unbearable. It’s definitely hard to describe – “humidity” would probably be a good word for it.

Vapor output is fantastic, and the throat hit is sufficient.


That’s more like it! There’s actually a hint of tobacco in there, with the same humid taste you find in the ePuffer Premium e-liquid. It’s much more balanced, but still a tad off.

Once again, vapor is plentiful, and the throat hit is decent.


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The menthol flavor is pretty good! As usual with menthol flavors, there’s no discernible throat hit, but the flavor is accurate and there’s no sign of that “humid” taste I’ve been talking about. It’s a rather clean flavor, and I like that.

It’s not very strong, but still leaves a pleasant minty aftertaste. Vapor production is above average.

ePuffer Lux

This is by far my favorite flavor from ePuffer! There’s a slight grape taste, but it’s very faint – and once again, it’s very hard to describe. The “humid” taste is back, too – but this time, it’s very pleasant. There’s a blend of very subtle aromas in there, and it’s fantastic!

Vapor production is above average, but there’s less throat hit than with the ePuffer Premium.


There’s a faint roasted coconut aroma, and that “humid” taste (again). There’s also a slight “creamy” taste. And even tho I know I said “humid” and “creamy”, the whole thing is rather dry. It’s not at all unpleasant, as long as you like coconut.

Vapor production is great, and throat hit is above average.


Oh dear. This, unfortunately, is very bad. There’s definitely a tobacco aroma in there, but the whole thing tastes like “burnt old air”. On a good note, the aftertaste is pleasant and subtle!

Vapor production is good, but throat hit is below average.


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