The Halo G6 mini tank has a 0.9ml capacity, and is supposed to enhance the experience you’ll get with the Halo G6. Let’s see how it performs in this short review.

Halo G6 clearomizerIt’s very light and fairly small (tho it’s much longer than a cartomizer). Refilling it is  a piece of cake: just remove the black drip tip and pour some e-juice in. It’s is a top feeding clearomizer, meaning that you’ll need to be careful if you’re running low on juice: you don’t want to have dry hits, or else it’ll have a permanent burnt taste. I wasn’t careful enough with this one, and it lasted for about a week of light use.

Vapor production is better than with a cartomizer – and it tastes better, too. It’s not night and day, but it’s a noticeable improvement.

halo-g6-clearomizer-handHowever, I just can’t get used to the added length. It just doesn’t look right to me, especially when comparing it to other cigalike options.

If you have a Halo G6 and are looking for something noticeably better for using at home, it’s a non-brainer. However, this is definitely not something I’d take out for the day.


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