140mm manual Mig CigIf you like manual batteries, you’ll love Mig Vapor! Let’s have a look at the Mig Cig manual battery.

If you have seen my other reviews, then you know I prefer automatic e-cigarette batteries. They just feel much more natural to use – but that’s not everybody’s opinion. Many stick with manual batteries once they try them, since they generally offer better battery life, slightly better vapor output and more control on the vaping experience.

Holding the 140mm Mig CigMig Cig battery sizesMig Cig 140mm manual batteryKeeping that in mind, let’s have a look at this very powerful battery. All Mig Cig batteries have a manual variant, but today I’m taking a look at the ginormous 140mm (“long”) version.

First things first: Holy Moly! This is a very, very long battery. That’s not a problem if you’re at home, but you may get some odd looks if you hang out with the smokers at the office. Ultimately it’s not a deal breaker – of course, with the size comes great battery life – but the smaller 110mm battery seems more reasonable.

The button is easy to press and thankfully is very well made – I didn’t hear the very annoying rattling sound some of these manual batteries can do! That has annoyed me quite a bit with other manual batteries out there.

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Performance is, as with the Mig Cig automatic battery, very impressive. It produces a huge amount of vapor, and the throat hit will surprise you. I couldn’t say that the manual battery is any better than the automatic tho – both are exceptional performers. I think it’s mostly a matter of preference.

If you’re ordering a starter kit, get one of each and you’ll quickly see what’s your preference. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.


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