Bottle of NicoVap Virginia TobaccoToday I’m doing my best (it’s not easy – but please read on) to review the NicoVap Virginia Tobacco e-liquid. Just so you know: NicoVap distributes 180 Smoke’s e-liquids in quebec, and 180 Smoke sells NicoVap e-liquids online. It certainly is good to have options – and since I don’t get tired of tobacco flavors, let’s get started.

Now I had to try this one twice, in two different devices, because it’s about as hard to describe as it can be. Bear with me here – this is not going to be easy!

The NicoVap Virginia Tobacco e-liquid has a very special yet muted flavor. You seem to discern some caramel, but then you change your mind: it’s more of a floral, fruit-like aroma. I’d say orange blossom – but it’s very subtle. You expect (fear) some kind of aftertaste, and there isn’t anything you could name. Not bad at all.

With a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, the Nicovap Virginia Tobacco e-liquid strikes a good balance between vapor production and throat hit. As it happens, throat hit is excellent – no complaints at all.

It’s a very complex, yet minimalist flavor. I could easily see myself using it as a base for mixing with other e-liquids. If you fancy subtle flavors, you will love this one!


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