Smoke NV Disposable packagingSmoke NV Disposable packaging close-upSmoke NV is a Canadian company trying to convince shoppers that nicotine-free e-cigarettes are the way to go. Let’s agree to disagree – but one thing is for sure, they’ve got the branding and marketing right. 

Since I figured many smokers could be interested in their products – after all, you can even get them in gas stations – I decided to buy a few and give them the review treatment. Let’s see how that goes with the (rather expensive) Smoke NV Disposable!

Smoke NV Disposable cartomizerSmoke NV DisposableThe first thing that strikes you about the Smoke NV Disposable is its good looks: it’s gorgeous. Black and white with red accents is a real winner, and the size is appealing too. Overall, it’s classy, well designed, and not too big (especially for a disposable). It’s heavy however – about the same as a non-disposable KR808-based product, like the V2 Standard.  That’s a drawback when you compare it to a Fling Disposable, which has a very lightweight plastic construction. Obviously, that makes it less comfortable for hands-free vaping.

Vapor output is great (for a disposable). Throat hit, on the other end… Well, there’s no throat hit whatsoever. That’s because Smoke NV is trying to convince the world that nicotine-free e-cigarettes are safer, healthier and that during their testing smokers enjoyed it just as much.

Here’s what they had to say about that, back in 2011:

We simply don’t believe that there is any benefit to having Nicotine in our product, further to this, we believe that research shows that it is not needed for a smoker to enjoy this product.

What has been discussed and is growing momentum is the harm reduction view within research. This is an acknowledgement of the fact that the use of an electronic cigarette is simply safer than the use of a traditional cigarette. Essentially for each puff of an electronic cigarette containing no nicotine you avoid a puff from a traditional cigarette. Obviously traditional cigarettes have been shown to cause cancer, heart disease, pulmonary disease etc.

There’s nothing wrong with providing nicotine-free options – after all, nicotine isn’t good for you – but insinuating that nicotine is the cause for all those diseases you get from smoking isn’t so great. Worse than that: one year before making this statement, Smoke NV offered 0mg, 5mg and 10mg options.

Believe me when I say that if I had started to vape with a nicotine-free product, I wouldn’t have lasted a day.

Moving on to flavor: Unfortunately, the “Canadian Tobacco” flavor doesn’t taste like tobacco. It’s not bad, but it’s not that good either. The e-liquid has very bland flavor, but of course it could be much, much worse.

My advice? Don’t fall for the great branding and marketing hype – there’s absolutely no point in buying this product, unless you’re absolutely certain you don’t want or need nicotine (along with any form of throat hit).

Throat hit
Battery life
Build quality, size & design
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