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Closeup of the Halo G6 cartomizer

Halo G6 blank cartomizers vs. prefilled cartomizers

The theory is that both cartomizers should provide a similar vaping experience. So I tried prefilled cartomizers and compared them to blanks filled with...
Vuse e-cig with nicotine

Nicotine strength: how to choose your ideal e-liquid (for transitioning to e-cigarettes)

When I stopped smoking and started to vape, I didn't have a clue about the different levels of nicotine in e-liquids, and I had...
Juul Pod

How to refill Juul Pods easily without making a mess

I love my Juul. But unfortunately, you cannot buy refillable or blank pods - and they're even more expensive when if you're not in...
Black eRoll-C in its portable charging case

Cleaning the eRoll: tips and tricks

eRoll Cleaning tipsDo not disassemble the tank (e-liquid cartridge). Use a needle-tip bottle to refill it through the small hole on top of...