V2 Standard KitToday I’m having a look at the V2 Standard Kit. While V2’s starter kit has evolved over the years, I found it hard to find recent reviews. Let’s see how the 2016 version performs! 

V2 Standard Kit contentsIn the Standard Kit, you’ll find: 

  • Two V2 Classic batteries
  • Ten V2 Classic Flavor cartridges
  • One wall adapter
  • One USB express charger
  • User manual

You get plenty of flexibility here, as V2 allows you to choose between three different battery sizes (short, standard or long) in either automatic or manual variants.

V2 also sells a bunch of accessories, including mini tanks, blank cartomizers, storage cases and a portable charging case. It sure is nice to have options!

V2 e-cigarette batteryI’ll do a separate mini-review of the V2 manual battery – but I recommend taking both a manual and an automatic in your starter kit, so you can see what works best for you. I’m a fan of automatics, but it’s a matter of opinion.

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The batteries are sealed – but if you’re looking at the automatic version, then it’s not really sealed. In that case, the center hole is moved to the side of the post. It’s indeed much more durable that older batteries, as liquid can’t get in the battery as easily.

V2 Standard e-cigaretteThey have a nice smooth finish, making them very easy to clean. I went with “regular” length batteries (79mm), because I prefer a smaller e-cigarette. At 250 mAh, they last long enough – but you should carry an extra battery and opt for the portable charging case if you’re a heavy smoker/vaper. Speaking of which, the PCC on offer looks dated and required you to screw in the battery in order to charge it. That’s unfortunate – but I bet V2 will offer a refreshed version soon enough!

All batteries have an “ash” end cap, and it’s by far my favorite option as it’s very discreet. Overall, these are my favorite KR808D-1 batteries.

Holding the V2 e-cigaretteSo how does it vape? Very, very well. It’s about on par with the VaporFi Express. The battery provides plenty of power, and the cartomizers feel great too. They provide a great draw – not too tight, not too airy that’s sure to please most ex-smokers.

Speaking of cartomizers, they’re pretty cheap – large boxes of blanks can bring the cost down to $0.9 each after using a coupon.

What we have here is a nicely balanced device, thanks to incremental improvements over the years. The V2 standard performs quite well, come in the size and color you want and are fairly inexpensive. What else could you ask for?


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