As you probably know, the majority of small e-cigarettes use automatic batteries – meaning there’s no button to press when you want to inhale. That’s great, but there’s also the option of a manual battery: there’s a small button you need to press each time you want to use it, but they tend to last longer and provide better control over the vaping experience.

V2 manual batterySo today I’m having a look at the V2 Standard manual battery. V2 offers three different length options: short, standard and long – but the short option looks like it’s on the way out. Here I am reviewing the standard length (79mm), as it’s by far the most popular option.

The blue color is actually very nice, even tho I must admit I’m a fan of classic white. The battery itself is fantastic, like the other V2 batteries – nicely built and fairly balanced. No rattling sound here: like the VaporFi Express manual battery, it’s well made.

The star of the show here is the finish – it’s smooth and easy to clean, and has a “ash” end cap for a discreet look.

Now, performance. It’s great! Probably a tad better than the V2 Standard automatic, but then again there was nothing wrong with the performance of the automatic version. If you feel the need for a manual battery, you can’t go wrong with this one. But in my opinion, the automatic is just as good…


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