VaporFi Express manual batteryVaporFi Express manual battery (assembled)VaporFi Express manual battery (assembled) in handMost cigalikes are automatic, but there are quite a few manual batteries out there. If you’re nor familiar with a “manual” battery, it means you’ve got a little button to press in order to vape it. That makes it less intuitive for ex-smokers, but it promises better control, battery life and vapor output.

Let’s see if any of that is true with the VaporFi Express manual battery!

The first thing that hits you is that it’s very light. Except for that button (it makes a bit of a rattling sound when shaking the battery), everything is well built. Like with other VaporFi Express batteries, the finish is great and it feels “just right” in the hand. No complaints here, the VaporFi Express manual battery feels like a quality item.

How does it perform then? Like other VaporFi Express products I tested, it’s stellar. Again, I’m not a big fan of the diamond-shaped end cap, but then I take a puff.

You just cannot escape the fact that the vapor output is fantastic with this thing. While pressing a button can be a bit annoying, especially since you get almost the same performance from VaporFi’s automatic batteries, you do get more control. When you take a draw, vapor comes out immediately – there isn’t that tiny bit of that lag that can be a bit annoying with automatics.

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It does feel a bit more powerful – but there isn’t enough of a difference to be measurable. If you’re already using VaporFi products, you can give this a try – you may still prefer your automatic battery (I know I do), but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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