VaporFi Grand Reserve Pineapple PowIn a high-quality bottle (with a very frustrating glass dripper), I present the VaporFi Grand Reserve Pineapple Pow.

I’m always a bit hesitant to try fruity flavors, because it seems like they’re too often overpowering with an overly sweet, chemical taste. With a name like “Grand Reserve”, I figured I could expect otherwise. Indeed, VaporFi has done an amazing job at crafting a tasty, complex and balanced e-liquid flavor.

It tastes like receiving a pineapple in the face (in a good way). A subtle and very pleasant mango aftertaste follows – it all flows together very nicely. It tastes very natural and almost organic, and most of all, it’s all very well balanced. It’s not just tolerable, I actually enjoyed vaping this! To give you a comparison, it’s about as well-balanced as the Fruut Juul Pod flavor, with a much more natural taste. Truly well executed.

Pineapple Pow’s vapor and throat hit

With a 30/70 PG/VG ratio, it predictably produces an great quantity of thick vapor. Since I tested the nicotine-free variant, I can’t really comment about throat hit. Unfortunately, no “pow” for me. But I suspect that the 18mg variant would easily satisfy most vapers. Like all of VaporFi’s e-juice flavors, it’s available in nicotine concentrations from 0mg up to 18mg.


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