VaporFi MINI-CLEAR Clearomizer VaporFi MINI-CLEAR Clearomizer with a battery VaporFi MINI-CLEAR Clearomizer with a battery in hand VaporFi MINI-CLEAR Clearomizer TankAm I seeing double? This clearomizer designed for VaporFi Express batteries looks almost exactly like the Halo G6 mini tank. There is, however, a massive improvement: the mouthpiece is screwed in instead of just holding in place.

The VaporFi MINI-CLEAR is a straightforward product: unscrew the mouthpiece, add in some e-liquid, vape. And the results are fantastic – you will get even more performance out of the VaporFi Express battery. Vapor production and throat hit are both improved, and it’s obviously easier to figure out what’s left in a tank than in a cartomizer.

At 0.9ml, capacity is adequate. Frankly I don’t think you’d need more than that, since it’s that easy to refill. The atomizer is at the top, and is fed by two wicks. You only need to make sure these stay wet at all time, so if your e-juice level is getting low pay attention and rotate your device often.

Once again, I’m not pleased by the length. At 2.25″, it’s noticeably bigger than a cartomizer. Why not do a flat mouthpiece and save a few milimeters? The results are great, and so it’s a shame I don’t feel like using this every day – I’ll just never get used to that added bulk.

I have to say tho: it’s perfect for when I’m home, and I do see myself using that quite a bit in the foreseeable future. The vapor output is absolutely fantastic! And since they’re dirt cheap, I think that any VaporFi Express user should give these a try.


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