I always taste new liquids with mixed feelings. I’m fairly hard to please, so there’s always a bit of excitement and apprehension. No need for apprehension here… VIP’s British Gold Tobacco is one carefully crafted e-liquid flavor I wish was easily available in North America!

Don’t let the rather plain looking box fool you – this is quality stuff, made in the UK with pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

How does it taste? There’s a resemblance between this and some Halo e-liquids (who all seem to share the same aftertaste, for some reason) – but there is a clear tobacco note that I never found in their e-liquid flavors. While it’s a bit sweet, that smokey taste is simply brilliant. It’s also very good when mixed 50/50 with unflavoured liquid, for those seeking a more muted flavor.

Being 70% PG, there’s plenty of throat hit, and vapor production is adequate (if you take a pretty big drag). It’s a great balance, especially for those using smaller devices.

I cannot wait to try other flavors by VIP. Highly recommended!


  1. I share your view. This the best e liquid I’ve ever had. I’ve been using it for nearly 3 years and never got “bored”. Strictly recommend.


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