Let’s review some of the White Cloud e-liquids. When I tested various White Cloud products, I was really impressed by the taste of their flavors – so I decided to test a few more and let you know what I think of them. Unfortunately, White Cloud only sells their e-liquids in cartomizers and disposable e-cigarettes – considering how good they are, I’m sure it would sell pretty well.

Good news: they come in an extremely wide array of nicotine concentration, from nicotine-free all the way to a mind-bending 5.4%. I tried my usual 2.4% for all flavors – likely the most popular option out there, especially for cigalikes.

Regular (Rich Tobacco Flavor)

White Cloud Regular E-LiquidUnsurprisingly, this one is my favorite – and anyone trying to quit smoking should start with it. It smells like tobacco, so that’s a good start. Now, keep in mind that no e-juice truly tastes like tobacco – or at least, I haven’t found one. This however is close enough. There’s a slightly minty aftertaste, but it’s not disturbing, even if you don’t like menthol. It’s all neatly balanced, and there’s no perceivable sweetness whatsoever – truly a fantastic everyday e-liquid!

Zero K (Intense Cool Flavor)

White Cloud Zero K E-LiquidHere’s menthol for everyone. Seriously – I never really liked menthol cigarettes, but this is tolerable. There’s a very strong peppermint flavor, reminiscent of chewing gum. It gives a rather incredibly deep “freshness” sensation, all of that without a single bit of sweetness. It’s fantastic – at the expense of throat hit. If you want throat hit, you will be disappointed. But hey, I bet you it makes you breath smell as fresh as can be.

Vanilla (Exotic Vanilla Flavor)

White Cloud Vanilla E-LiquidThe vanilla flavored e-juice is spot on. It smells like melted vanilla ice cream (from a good brand). There’s a lightly sweet aftertaste, but that’s it – like most e-liquid flavors from White Cloud, it’s not overly sweet. It has a very pleasant and natural taste. If you like vanilla, this one is a must have – just don’t expect that much throat it.

Çin (Cinnamon Infused Flavor)

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White Cloud Çin E-LiquidI really expected to hate this one. It smells like those little cinnamon hearts, and it actually tastes like that too – except that it doesn’t set your mouth on fire. It’s remarkably mild, and that’s a good thing. There’s another flavor present, and while it’s very hard to describe but it’s not horrible at all. Might be the nicotine? Anyway, cinnamon really is the start of the show here. Like other e-liquids from White Cloud, it’s not overly sweet. It’s very nicely balanced. Throat hit is adequate, but that’s it.

Copper Kettle (Smooth Milk Caramel)

White Cloud Copper Kettle E-LiquidAh, the smell of hard caramel candies. Not something I’d think of vaping, but it sure smells delicious. It tastes, well, like caramel – and butter. It’s sweeter than other White Cloud e-liquids, but it’s tolerable. There’s a slightly salty aftertaste that makes for a very balanced flavor. You also get a fantastic throat hit!


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