Unpacking the White Cloud Fling Wide Mini disposable e-cigaretteI already tested the White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Fling – and it was a very positive review – and now I’m checking out another disposable e-cigarette by White Cloud: the Fling Wide Mini.

White Cloud Fling Wide Mini disposable e-cigaretteIt’s a very odd-looking device, almost the size of a lighter, and it promises twice the capacity (2ml) and twice the vapor of the traditional Fling. It has a flexible mouthpiece, suitableĀ for hands-free vaping (however, there’s no cap to seal it off when you’re not using it). There’s an orange LED that lights up when you draw – and it makes the whole tip of the device glow through the white plastic. It’s a nice (and surprising) effect.

So how does it vape? Well, even better than the Fling. You indeed getĀ much more vapor! It’s very natural and the airflow is just right. It doesn’t feel like you’re using a disposable at all – it doesn’t even feel like you’re using a cigalike. Really impressive performance here.

I tested the “Bora Bora” flavor (that’s a fancy name for “exotic tobacco”). I really do prefer White Cloud’s Regular flavor, but it ain’t bad either. It does not taste exotic, nor does it tastes like tobacco. It’s kind of a vanilla-tobacco hybrid, and it’s thankfully well dosed. I’ve tasted some horribly strong e-liquid flavors in my life, so I want to applaud White Cloud for showing some restraint. They offer many different flavors, so chances are you’ll find your match. And, as usual, they offer a fantastic selection of nicotine strengths.

White Cloud Fling Wide Mini disposable e-cigarette in handUnfortunately, I’m not fond of the shape of the device. It’s small enough and like the original Fling it’s very light, but it doesn’t feel natural at all. And as far as looks are concerned, well… Let’s just say it’s not a very manly device! That’s just me – my wife absolutely adored everything about it.

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As I said for the original Fling, the Fling Wide Mini is definitely something I’m glad to have laying around. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that a cheap, disposable product can give good results like that. It really is impressive.


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