If you invest in the Zemo brand, you better like their e-liquid flavors, as they unfortunately don’t sell blank cartridges. However, you can buy these flavors in 10ml bottles if you want to use them in other products. Let’s see what they’re like to vape!

Zemo “Menthol” Cartridges

Zemo Menthol e-liquid flavorAs with other menthol e-liquids, there’s no real perceivable throat hit. Unfortunately, the menthol flavor is not very clean. There is some kind of a woody aftertaste. But overall, it’s perfectly tolerable.

The vapor quantity is adequate, and as I said, throat hit is pretty much absent. If you’re into menthol, this will do – but it cannot compete with White Cloud’s Zero K.

Zemo “Classic Tobacco” Cartridges

Zemo Classic Tobacco e-liquid flavorWow! This is the single most realistic tobacco e-liquid flavor I’ve ever tasted. Just like I said in the Zemo starter kit review, this e-juice can be described as “european ashtray”. If you want to get the closest possible flavor to what you used to smoke, get this one. Otherwise, you may find it quite awful.

Personally, I like it a lot! Vapor production is great, and the throat hit is impressive.

Zemo “Tobacco Silk” Cartridges

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Zemo Tobacco Silk e-liquid flavorThink of this as a toned-down version of the “Classic Tobacco” flavor. It’s a tad sweet and doesn’t taste like ashtray – but thankfully the tobacco is still present. Somehow, it really does taste “silky” (whatever that means).

If you like tobacco flavors, you must try this one as well. Vapor production is equivalent to the “Classic Tobacco” flavor, but some of the throat hit got away.

Zemo “Fruit Mint” Cartridges

Zemo Fruit Mint e-liquid flavorWell this is minty! It leaves you a terrific freshness feeling and a subtle fruity aftertaste. I’m surprised that they were able to keep it relatively dry, as I would have expected an overly-sweet mess.

Vapor production is great, and throat hit is predictably non-existent. Better than menthol, and highly recommended!



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